Harris Rosenblum

The Inifinite Generative Potential of God (Version 3)

Full goatskin parchment sourced from Etsy, Bic pen, construction lumber, nylon cord, inkjet prints, compliant apparel clamps. Images generated through Stable Diffusion and Midjourney by independent contractor, post processed by additional contract labor. Text generated from GPT2 instance fine tuned on the Warhammer 40k fandom wiki. Plotted on Zund industrial cutting machine.

Archangel (After Wowaka)

Soy based resin, acrylic, cosmetic mica, gel nail polish, custom milled brass hardware, Aluminum motherboard standoffs, stainless steel hardware, iridescent privacy film, microSD card with archive of Wowaka remembrance videos.

The Blood I-IV

Vape fluid (rapeseed oil, lard, ash from burned tree branches that fell in a storm distilled into sodium hydroxide, alcohol extracted nicotine, homemade historically accurate monastic amaros (grain alcohol, gentian root, elderflower, chickory root, juniper berry, black walnut, licorice root, saffron, wild cherry bark, various botanicals)), soy based resin.


Vulcanized prosthetic latex, hand wound nichrome wire 0.8 Om inductors (alienweave 3 wire pattern), Cotton Bacon brand organic carded cotton, WASP squonk convertible mech atomizer, brass, custom squonk mod adapter, CNC engraved copper plate, 9v batteries, wire, acrylic, paint, motherboard standoffs mechanical switch, hardware.

The Sacrificial Lamb

Soy based resin, automotive filler, baking soda, ca glue, water gilding media (french green clay, cosmetic kaolin, terracotta clay, individual serving bone broth, rabbit skin glue granules), shellac, polyurethane.

An Altar

PETG, MDF, Steel, pine moulding, epoxy, glue, paint.

Head Reliquary

Latex, PLA, cyanoacrylate glue, baking soda, acrylic wargaming paints, automotive filler primer, chromed steel tubing, MDF.


Restored WW2 trench craft knife bought on Etsy (sandblasted, sharpened, ground, hydro dipped), Realtreeā„¢ satin fabric, Pelicanā„¢ case, aluminum, laser etched acrylic.

Mourning (For Hatsune)

Historically accurate replica of Victorian mourning bracelet made from Polyester fiber sourced from a Hatsune Miku cosplay wig, soy based resin, imitation gold leaf, insulation foam milling dust, drilling mica, oriented strand board, PETG, cosmetic mica, hardware, glue.

Crucifix (An Apparition)

soy based resin, PLA, prosthetic latex, fluorescent acrylic, acrylic paint, MDF, 6-32 bolts, ATX 6-32 brass motherboard standoffs, brass threaded insert, custom machined steel hardware, automotive filler primer, plywood, glue.

Relic of the Corrupted Blood

Soy based resin, prosthetic latex, french green cosmetic clay, aerosol hairspray, water gilding media (individual serving dehydrated bone broth, french green cosmetic clay, cosmetic kaolin, rabbit skin glue granules, terracotta clay), SD cards (contains archive of World of Warcraft patch 1.7.0 (corrupted blood plague), 1.7.1 (plague fix) and interstitial script), USG drywall filler, automotive filler primer, wax.

Hand Reliquary of the Punished Apostles

Soy based resin, water gilding media (individual serving dehydrated bone broth, french green cosmetic clay, cosmetic kaolin, rabbit skin glue granules, terracotta clay), shellac, cyanoacrylate glue, chicken bone sourced from 7/11, USG drywall filler, automotive filler primer.

Relic of the Rotted Host

soy based resin, graphite, rabbit skin glue granules, rye flour, ergot spores, cyanoacrylate glue, USG drywall filler, automotive filler primer, laser etched acrylic, egg yolk, hairspray, white vinegar, cosmetic titanium coated mica, arm and hammer baking soda, hand sanitizer, simple green cleaner, copper tape.

Touch Grass

PETG, OSB, Static grass, hydrographic film, cosmetic mica, graphite, nylon thread, glue.

Samsara (After Filip)

Glass, silicone caulk, oriented strand board, single board computer running 64-bit Ubuntu mining a private Ethereum chain, laser cut acrylic, water cooling block purchased from Alibaba, Spirulina cultures, chelated iron, freshwater algae nutrient media, distilled water, peristaltic pump, vinyl tubing, pipe clamps, brass screws, programmable relay module, power supplies, rubber, extension cord.

Earth and New Earth Miku

PLA, Walnut, MDF, Cosmetic Mica, Steel, PVA glue, Cyanoacrylate glue, Raw clay harvested from Wendy's Parking lot during rebuild, acrylic, 4-40 stainless steel set screws, polyurethane varnish.

Vitalik's Sword

Insulation foam, OSB, paint, fluorescent acrylic, MicroSD card containing paperwallet address which contains nft of the files for the swords production (card is dipped in oil from 3rd class relic of the true cross making it unusable), monofilament, construction adhesive, custom steel hardware.

Relic of the True Cross (in Orc Marine Reliquary)

Relic of the true cross, PLA, super glue, paint, resin, cosmetic mica, laser etched acrylic.

Improvised Bong Ascended

Porcelain, glaze, luster,, custom ceramic decals generated from "thiswaifudoesnotexist" dataset, Polyethylene foam, acrylic paint.

Infinity Sword (Relic of the True Cross)

Insulation foam, pine, Acrylic, LED strip, mirrored privacy film, power supply, relic of the true cross, hardware, 12v power supply.

Inifinite Pain Eternal Return

OSB, PLA, adhesive vinyl, PVA glue, paint.